Hearing Aid Compatible Technology

•  Significantly reduces handset power loss permitting phones to operate using less power by reducing commanded power steps - increasing battery life up to 66% and more

•  According to US National Institute of Standards range of radio system formulas when full handset power is used Aerius also extends handset range 168% and coverage area 282%

•  In CTIA Authorized lab tests, Aerius antenna technology redirected 100% of handset microwave transmissions away from hearing aid electronics & Phonak noted that an cellular handheld device equipped with the patented Aerius C-Pattern antenna was the “Only True Universal” option

•  Starkey LSAR laboratory test reports indicate that digital cellphone interference with hearing aids can be reduced by up to -26dB (95.5%)


Aerius IP allows carrier service providers and equipment manufacturers to fully comply with the IEEE and HARC Standards.